Musikopoly is in full swing with a 4’x4’ game board on my wall! Students use their lab/tech time book each week to earn property cards and Musikopoly money! I have a few time slots still open! Schedule your free evaluation today!

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2018-2019 Lessons Begin August 12.

We are in Year Two of a Three-Year Rotating Curriculum

*  Recitals are Held Each Year

* Parents are always welcome at lessons


*We also study the four musical periods - Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern. Pieces may be played at the piano or on an iPad with background accompaniments.

*All students compose a piece or two and perform it at one of our recitals. What better way to learn theory than using its practical application! 

*Each student is paired with another student to learn a duet.  Sometimes, we'll even have three students at one piano! This 'team' effort is showcased at one of our recitals! Students learn how to listen to someone else while they are playing.


* Lessons are billed by the school year and broken up into equal monthly payments. You may choose from the following:

*Two students share 1 hour.  Each has 30 minutes with me and 30 minutes of lab time (computer or iPad theory games, writing music, etc.) - $148/month

*Longer private lessons are available upon a free evaluation.

* $100/child or $150/family non-refundable registration fee required. This covers all supplies, most music, incentives, rewards, awards, lesson planning, technology, apps, and free access to the award winning app, Piano Maestro by JoyTunes (value $60/year) and Supersonics Plus (an online, digital music and accompaniment app - value $30/year.)