We are in full pirate mode in our studio! This year, it's a 'Race to the Treasure!' Students must accomplish 21 challenges along the way. There are only a few lesson times left! Schedule your free evaluation today!

Treasure Map sm res.jpg

Click below to listen to some original pieces about pirates from my students!

Original Pirate Pieces by students of The Piano Practice (Soundcloud)

2017-2018 Lessons Begin August 10.

We are in Year Three of a Three-Year Rotating Curriculum

*  Recitals are Held Each Year

* Parents are always welcome at lessons


*We also study the four musical periods - Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern. Pieces may be played at the piano or on an iPad with background accompaniments.

*All students compose a piece and perform it at one of our recitals. What better way to learn theory than using it's practical application! 

*Each student is paired with another student to learn a duet.  Sometimes, we'll even have three students at one piano! This 'team' effort is showcased at one of our recitals! Students learn how to listen to someone else while they are playing.


* Lessons are billed by the school year and broken up into equal monthly payments. You may choose from the following:

*Two students share 1 hour.  Each has 30 minutes with me and 30 minutes of lab time (computer or iPad theory games, writing music, etc.) - $146/month

*Longer private lessons are available upon a free evaluation.

* $100/child or $150/family non-refundable registration fee required. This covers all supplies, most music, incentives, rewards, awards, lesson planning, technology, apps, and free access to the award winning app, Piano Maestro by JoyTunes (value $60/year) and Supersonics Plus (an online, digital music and accompaniment app - value $30/year.)